A Day in Deep Snow !

Marsden to Glossop. 28th January 2012. 22 miles, 4000ft ascent. The Marsden to Edale route, used by a number of endurance events including Tanky’s Trog and the Trigger, is a tough 21-mile North-South traverse of Black Hill, Bleaklow and Kinder Scout. In good weather, ideally after a long dry spell, it is a wonderful day […]

Geocaching 101

This is developing into a hobby which sits nicely alongside my other activities, such as running, walking and even visiting other locations whilst on business or vacation. Basically, Geocaching is Hide and Seek for the 21st Century. People hide things and you have to find them. There is also a touch of the cloak-and-dagger, dead-letter […]

Lakeland 100 Recce 1

15th January 2012 Sometimes you push against situations that seem to be telling you to stop. From a logistics point of view the weekend was difficult and most “sensible” people would have understood if I’d said, “Nah, didn’t go – a lot of hard work for a day’s running”. The running in question was the […]

Reverse OTO

Nothing prepares you better for hill-work, than hill-work. With a mountain marathon looming it was time to give Lefty & Righty a bit of push – and give calves, quads & hams some stick. I left Trebor at the lay-by above Loggerheads around 2pm and basically followed the Open To Offas route backwards, mixing sections […]

Albums of 2011

So many to chose from – a real vintage year. This list will probably be updated as I remember them, which has also given me the idea of a blog for albums of 2012 as they arrive. So, not in any order … Rock Transatlantic – Whirlwind Transatlantic – More Never Is Enough Nightwish – […]