To my IT colleagues …

The light at the end of the COVID tunnel appears to getting brighter; there is hope in the air, and a set of dates towards which we can look with eager anticipation.Right now is a time for Gratitude.There is so much to be grateful for: our own health and that of our loved ones; the […]

Cache-ing in on time-off

The Whelk and I had booked onto the Anglezarke Amble and right about now, 3pm, we would be setting off for home after we’d each done our respective 16 and 24 mile circuits. Now, the AA is one of the highlights of the running year but the conditions promised much ice and snow and a […]

Battle of the phones, Part 1

Only a short while ago Nokia ruled supreme in the mobile phone world. Symbian, based upon the software used in the Psion handheld computers, was the operating system for a decade of phones which steadily gained sophistication. However, apart from Calls, Texts and Games, Email on your phone was considered a luxury and only in […]

Geocaching 101

This is developing into a hobby which sits nicely alongside my other activities, such as running, walking and even visiting other locations whilst on business or vacation. Basically, Geocaching is Hide and Seek for the 21st Century. People hide things and you have to find them. There is also a touch of the cloak-and-dagger, dead-letter […]

Battle Of The Smartphones!

iPhone 4S v Nokia Lumia 800 I am in the rather strange position of having two smartphones in daily use. My “main” one is my iPhone 4S, (on the Orange network) and I have just been given – literally – a Nokia Lumia 800 (on “3”) to test drive. They are both flagship models for […]