Goin’ round and round

“We’re going round and round (Yeah, me and my babe), Going round and round (Yeah, me and my babe), Round and round, round and round, Me and my sure ‘nough baby going round and round” (Panama Limited Jug Band, Harvest Records 1969) Given the appalling weather forecast H & I decided to play safe and […]

What makes a mountain a mountain?

(Work in progress) Like many hill people I like to tick off lists; The Nuttalls, The Wainwrights etc. Quite often these tops are little more than hills which are luckily over 2000ft and have no other redeeming features yet are listed in books that declare them to be “mountains”. But if altitude does not define […]

I do like to be beside the Deeside

Ah, yes, the Anglezarke Amble is coming soon – best test my foot-snorkeling gear! And what better place than beside the swollen River Dee, slowly lowering itself after having broken its banks spectacularly in recent weeks. I am almost recovered from a cold so I sacrificed a day on Kinder Scout to mark assignments, watch […]

Moore Nature Reserve and Wigg Island

On paper a run from Warrington Bank Quay station to Runcorn doesn’t sound that attractive, but these two Nature Reserves, linked by some fine running/cycling tracks and some great views across the Mersey made for a wonderful afternoon. The trek over to Runcorn East station was a bit of a schlep, but Town Park is […]

Mud, glorious mud!

With 2012 being the wettest on record and this year already providing travel-crippling snow, winds and yet more rain it is no surprise that the countryside is sopping wet, like a fully-saturated sponge. The slightest foot-pressure on the ground promotes oozing of Alien-fluid and sucks the strength from your legs. Quite why, then, I – […]

Glyndwr’s Way

Day 1 – Dual inversions We came across Glyndwr’s Way whilst walking Offa’s Dyke, from LDWA events we’d taken part in and, after picking up a leaflet in the Offa’s Dyke (OD) centre in Knighton, decided that one day we’d undertake it. As with OD, we have planned the walk over a number of Easters […]

Lakeland 100 – Recce 3

The heat is on! Just four days after taking part in this recce, my wife and I were trudging the hills above Knighton, knee-deep in snow. A cold wind blew and the miles of Glyndwr’s Way crawled by. This is by way of contrasting the weather on the third Lakeland 100 recce – from Pooley […]