Welsh Peaks Project *

With the first snows of winter fresh on the heather, Guy and I set off from a remote Welsh valley to walk all of the Northern Berwyn hills. We each have fitness targets – Guy to walk 100 2000ft’ers each year, and mine to improve on last years mileage and ascent totals. We both needed to catch up on our totals and the Berwyns offer peaks- and miles-a-plenty.

When, at the end of that day, we descended in the dark after a superb days walking, and undid our frozen-solid bootlaces we knew we’d started on a new quest – to walk all of the 2000ft’ers in Wales. Each of the days below were  long and demanding covering a great deal of ground, much of it rarely explored. By trying to cram in as many tops into a day as possible, we’ve often ended-up with lots of off-path terrain to cover and this has usually proved to be tyring, frustrating and sometimes hilarious!

As our project continues our understanding of the layout of the region has developed, and our appreciation of the character which is uniquely Welsh deepened.

Our hope is to document as full as possible our experiences and each date below leads to a narrative describing the day and a photo album from the actual walk.

Please feel free to leave comments and observations on the appropriate pages. Note that this is a continuing project, so this page will be updated as an when.

22nd November 2008 – Berwyns 1

31st December 2008 – Berwyns 2

28th February 2009 – Arans 1

15th March 2009 – Arans 2

4th April 2009 – Arenigs 1

18th April 2009 – Carneddau 1

26th April 2009 – Rhinogs 1

30th June 2009 – Snowdon 1

5th August 2009 – Moelwyns 1

22nd August 2009 – Glyders 1

4th October 2009 – Cadair Idris 1

18th October 2009 – Carneddau 2

28th November 2009 – Foel Meirch

24th January 2010 – Arenigs

7th February 2010 – Moelwyns 2

13th March 2010 – Carneddau 3

30th August 2010 – Rhinogs 1

24th September 2011 – Tarrens

24th September 2011 – Rhinogs 2

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