Chester to Bangor cycle ride

Having an Audax for 215 km (133m) on the near horizon I needed to do a lengthy bike ride to reacquaint myself, mentally, with long distance cycling.  I guessed that if I could do 80 mile comfortably then I can squeeze the extra out on the day. I had a number of routes to choose from, […]

Llandegla Roundabout (Cycle ride)

(44 miles, 2400ft) Nobody likes conceding a DNS – ‘Did not start’ – on an event. I had entered today’s Anglezarke Amble, a 24-mile stamina-draining bog-trot, but after the Labyrinthitis attack of the last week or so I decided to do something not quite as strenuous. The last two days had seen no dizzy spells […]

Cache-ing in on time-off

The Whelk and I had booked onto the Anglezarke Amble and right about now, 3pm, we would be setting off for home after we’d each done our respective 16 and 24 mile circuits. Now, the AA is one of the highlights of the running year but the conditions promised much ice and snow and a […]