I do like to be beside the Deeside

Ah, yes, the Anglezarke Amble is coming soon – best test my foot-snorkeling gear! And what better place than beside the swollen River Dee, slowly lowering itself after having broken its banks spectacularly in recent weeks. I am almost recovered from a cold so I sacrificed a day on Kinder Scout to mark assignments, watch Hull City v Chelsea and take myself for a run on a glorious afternoon.

As expected the path that runs around The Meadows was muddy in places though quite acceptable, but as the run lengthened the ground became gooier and started to eat into progress. Still, I made it to Ecclestone Ferry and beyond to the start of the Eaton woods.

Up until recently the path beyond this point had been closed due to it having subsided into the river at one point, but a notice said that this had been repaired and so I headed off towards Iron Bridge.

However it was not long before the flooding completely barred the way and made further progress impossible without wading dangerously close to the (submerged) river’s edge. The Crook of Dee was still completely under water, so I turned around and left the river at Ecclestone to use my normal route back via Chester Approach.

To compensate for the lack of pace in the mire I pushed myself on the firmer surfaces and had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon despite the conditions.


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