Goin’ round and round

“We’re going round and round (Yeah, me and my babe),
Going round and round (Yeah, me and my babe),
Round and round, round and round,
Me and my sure ‘nough baby going round and round”

(Panama Limited Jug Band, Harvest Records 1969)

Given the appalling weather forecast H & I decided to play safe and take to the sheltered haven of Delamere Forest, Cheshire.
We had both entered the upcoming Resolution Run in March and will do 2 and 3 laps respectively of the Red Route, so that is what we did this afternoon.
In the end we timed it perfectly as the heavy rain had passed by and the afternoon and fair and mild.
As usual, the food at the Delamere Forest Cafe was excellent and a real reward for a good hard run.

(10.5 miles, 500 ft, 1hr 45mins)




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