A Magic World

Last night, Helen was playing with her saxophone friends online, via Jamulus, when an unknown/unannounced drummer joined in, and played with them for a few numbers. (you can do this on Jamulus).
At the same time, in my ‘den’, I was playing with the Improvisers Ensemble, along with musicians from all over Europe. One player announced they had to leave early. We carried on playing and were surprised when the same person asked to rejoin, a few minutes later. They joined from their phone, linked to their cycle-camera as they rode through Portugese streets. The improvisation became a soundtrack to that ride, and finished when the cyclist reached their front door.
This morning, I joined my meditation colleagues, based in Liverpool but with members scattered across the globe. Over 40 this morning, at a guess. Interesting noticing the different levels of daylight through other people’s windows.
There is magic in this new world.

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