A New Adventure – Gluten-Free!

18th March 2022.

When certain digestive aspects of my body started sending messages that all was not as it should be, I commenced a series of tests with my GP and local hospital to find out what was wrong. After 4 months the surprising result was that I had Coeliac Disease – confirmed after biopsies.

So now I am destined to spend the rest of my days on a Gluten-free diet.

At first this seemed daunting:- not being able to eat anything I liked in cafes, restaurants and take-aways; forever reading the ingredients and allergen notes on the backs of food packets; having to manage the kitchen in such a way as to prevent cross-contamination.

Quickly a new worry arose – how would I fuel myself on ultrarunning events? And after the run was finished, how would I take on all the calories my body would demand?

My blog will now also report on this new aspect of my life, and catalogue the advice I’ve been given and the learning I have gained from the trials, successes and disappointments. Hopefully this will also benefit other folk who find themselves thrust into this parallel world where what other folk eat is not what I can.

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