Moel Famau 9/1/16

The forecast had predicted 90% Heavy rain.

I sat in the car at the layby above Loggerheads and listened to the 90% certain rainfall hammering on the roof. It was 2.30pm with not much daylight left – time to get a move on. I was wearing-in new shoes and needed the run. I also needed to start hill training so it was important to get out of the car and face the 100% actual rain.

I set off on my usual – and favourite – run; up through the wood over to Deborah’s well and via tracks and fields to Pantymwyn. The ground was saturated and the mud deep and slippery, but the shoes have excellent traction, even on a couple of short but treacherous descents. Down through the trailer park to the chapel and down further to the footbridge by the telephone box.

IMG_8057 1.              IMG_8059 2.

The river was flowing swiftly, and it was almost dark. The next stage is tricky – a steep ascent on a muddy cambered path, but again the shoes gripped well. The rain was easing and as I crossed the forest and descended towards Cilcain I had to decide on my route back – either along the Leete Path, over the shoulder of Moel Famau, or over the summit itself.

I chose the latter…

The track up to the ridge path was mostly a stream, and in the upper reaches muddy. I refreshed my headtorch batteries and pushed on. I generally use the path below the ridge and take the steep climb up a grassy bank below the summit, but I suspected that would be water-logged today, so used the ridge route which turned out be a very boggy choice!

IMG_8065  3.             IMG_8062 4.

As I climbed the final rocky slope I entered cloud and mizzle, my headtorch beam reflected back off the haze. The wind and rain picked up as I passed the wall of the observation tower and I could not see anything of the tower itself.

Once out of the cloud I was able to pick up the pace on the descent to Bwlch Penbarras. The lights of Ruthin were amazingly clear against a jet-black night and, though raining steadily, the going was quite pleasurable. I jogged down the road back to Loggereheads and up the final hill to the car. I sat inside and changed shoes and removed outer gear – and listened to the 100% certain rain on the roof. And I smiled.

IMG_8053 5.            IMG_8070 6.

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