Marshalling on the Waterways 30

Lou (Recorder) , Ronnie Staton (Organiser) and Jilly (Checkpoint staff)

The running and cycling events I enjoy every year can only take place thanks to volunteers manning the checkpoints, so around once a year I try to help on an event to give something back to the sports. I took part in a 50-mile event in Nottinghamshire a couple of years ago and was impressed with the countryside and with the organisation, so I went back to Retford this weekend to help out on their Waterways 30-mile event.

Michelle, Lou and Jilly

It is really inspirational to see runners of all shapes and sizes working hard at getting round the course. The checkpoint I helped at was at the 25-mile mark and we supplied drinks and food, and encouragement, to every runner who got that far. Great day.

Full photo set … Photos

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