Run Everyday in December 2016

The running is the easy part! It’s always the same for me – once I’m out there and the legs are moving, no matter how sluggishly or nimbly, I’m fine. It’s just finding the time, getting motivated, putting on the gear, setting the gadgets and stepping through the door. Then I’m fine.

But, to me, this is what RED is all about – getting out there and doing it. I can relate this directly to Ultras, the stepping out of a checkpoint to get the next leg done even when the body feels as if there is nothing left; there always is. Or even getting out of bed at 5am on a cold winter’s morning to head off to some moorland event.

This year has been particularly problematic from a number of angles, lack of time, pressures of work etc – but hang on, aren’t these just excuses? Some days I just put my trainers on and trotted out in my jeans, just to get it done. Other days I had long pre-planned runs in fabulous weather. Some days I had music playing, on others I just had nature whispering to me. Some days I felt my pace increase as I worked through issues in my life, and then just relaxed – sod the PR. On a couple of days I reluctantly headed out only to harvest a bag full of PRs! 

And then there is the Community. All of you REDders around the country, and even around the world. You are really the reason I/we get out there everyday. Social Networking is in its infancy but RED is a perfect example of its power to motivate and encourage. Tony Allen – Thank You.

So, whatever running challenges you have lined up for 2017, all the very best and see you next December! 

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