Clwyds run 8/1/17

Clwyds Run, Jan 8th 2017

Summary : start of training for a busy year of events, a tough 13-mile run starting from Bwlch Penbarra, over Foel Fenlli, around to Llanferres, over to Loggerheads, Pantymwyn, Cilcain and over Moel Famau to finish. Very heavy going with deep mud on many tracks, and plenty of steep hills. Great stuff! 13 miles, 2900ft.

On a very mild and sunny day, with many people either returning to school or work the next day, I picked a route that would hopefully be free from crowds. Helen reported from the summit of Moel Famau (MF) that it was packed, and I hoped that by the time I reached there most people would have left.

Looking back to Bwlch Penbarra, and Moel Famau in the distance, from the climb to Foel Fenlli.

We parked at Bwlch Penbarra (BP), Helen set of towards MF and I started up Foel Fenlli in fine spirits. The sun was shining, there was the slightest breeze, and I felt good. The descent on the south side is very steep but my aging Leadville 100s gripped well and I was soon trotting through fields and woods – preferring the high route to Llanferres even though it was heavy going.
It was nice to see that kissing gates had been installed to replace the awkward stiles on the path immediately NE of Llanferres. An awkward moment occurred when a tractor with a bailing pin protruding (but safely lofted) suddenly emerged from a field and the narrow lane with high hedges offered no hiding place. Thankfully the driver stopped to shut a gate and I snuck past safely.
Above Loggerheads I picked up my usual route through Pantymwyn, down through Coed Mawr trailer park and to my favourite spot – the bridge and telephone kiosk at Nant Alyn. The stream was dry, indicating that the underground route was coping with the recent level of rain – very unusual for this time of year.
I then climbed the lane South and took to paths via Tan-y-rhiw and over fields to join the Cilcain road just short of the village.
I’d indicated to Helen that I’d probably be back at BP by 16:15, which gave me just over an hour to get to, and over, Moel Famau! I don’t much like the zigzag route which runs more of less directly SW to the summit after turning right after Cae Newydd, but it is the quickest. I popped a gel and this gave me the push I needed to make the summit. 
By now the light was fading and mist and drizzle was rolling in from the North. I made quick work of the descent to BP and noted the odd assortment of people still heading up – one lot carrying gas-powered search lights, and later two runners with head torches making easy work of the ascent.
Legs were tired and beginning to cramp by the time I reached the car – I had pushed them hard on the descent – but a stretch and a quick carb-fix, courtesy of the golden arches, soon sorted them out!
I have a full year of events planned and this was a good start – my body felt comfortable and the gear all worked well. Roll on Anglezarke Amble!
Full set of photos at …

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